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Torrens Luxury Collection

The REV Ocean!

The world’s largest superyacht, and it’s decked out with technology to help protect the planet. The ship will be equipped for research and investigation of the entire marine ecosystem most of the technology onboard has been developed by well-leading knowledge clusters in Norway an independent scientific committee will evaluate and recommend research projects to pursue […]

Torrens Luxury Collection

Yachts | How It’s Made!

making this mid-size yacht starts with the mold for the hull. the team sprays a gel coat paint on to the entire inner surface of the mold. this paint will transfer to the hull during molding. they layer fiberglass strips around a PVC foam core and create a series of distribution channels for resin. the […]


Welcome to PRESTIGE X-Line I wanted to take you through some of the key features of this new revolutionary yacht. In the development process, we wanted to make a full-size mock-up of the main deck of this boat. There’s a lot of innovation in terms of the architecture and the layout. One is to move […]

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